Welcome to Artistree, an online gallery of beautiful and useful wood products created by Pacific Northwest wood artist, Dale Randles. Many of the wooden objects pictured within these pages are ready for immediate sale. These items will be shipped within three business days after your purchase. Other images are examples of Dale's work that previously have been sold. In these cases you may be given an opportunity to order similar items. Of course, since each piece of wood has its own unique characteristics, the new object will never be exactly the same as the example. In each case, whether you buy something already made or an item made to order, your purchase will be a unique piece of functional wood art.

Are you looking for a gift of wood that is designed to surprise and delight? Perhaps a one-of-a-kind branch wood shoehorn, letter opener, or a Branch Wood Back Scratcher would be the ideal choice. Dale's soup spoons and wooden flatware are hand crafted from lignum vitae, the Wood of Life, sustainably grown in the Carribean.

If you are tired of flyaway hair from the crackling static of a plastic comb, why not treat yourself to a static free comb handcrafted from beautiful hardwood? Dale's individually handcrafted hardwood combs will

never snag your hair, and unlike cheap plastic ones, they will never cause your hair to crackle with static electricity.




As featured in the December, 2017/January, 2018 issue of Essence

Five years of marriage marks the "Wood Anniversary." If you are looking for the a perfect wood gift for a fifth anniversary, what could better say "I love you" than a hand crafted wooden ring? Choose a simple wooden band or triple layer ring or a hand carved style such as the claddagh (pictured), the Celtic Braid, or the wood-burned style of the Falling Leaf.

Dale crafts his wood hair accessories, one at a time. Each hair stick and hair fork, barrette and hairbuckle, French roll comb and ponytail holder is meticulously carved, sanded smooth, then hand rubbed and polished with a blend of beeswax and natural oils to accentuate the wood's natural grain and luster.

Give the beauty of nature with a Branch Wood Ring Box. All of Dale's wood boxes are cut from tree limbs, hollowed out, and lined with soft leather or velvet. His Branch Ring Boxes come in three styles. The box pictured here includes a removeable ring tray and a compartment below for a special keepsake.

In addition to his wooden rings and hair accessories, Dale offers two other wooden wearables that are among his most popular creations. Artistreee wooden shawl pins make great gifts for knitters. Artistree wood belt buckles are a popular groomsman's gift and a great gift for a man's fifth anniversary.

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