Seven Tooth Wood Comb

This cocobolo wood comb began as a commission from Elena, who was looking for a wooden hand-held comb that would have wide-spaced teeth like my Handled Hair Comb but would be compact enough to slip into a pocket or small purse.

Like the Handled Hair Comb, the Pocket Comb, and the 7-inch comb, Elena's Comb is hand crafted from from plantation grown cocobolo rosewood, often called the world's most beautiful hardwood. Because this wood is highly resinous, it is naturally resistant to water, and with its wide-spaced teeth, it will handle even the thickest hair without static.

The Seven Tooth Comb is three and one half inches in width (about 9 cm) and two and three quarters in height (7 cm). Its teeth measure about one and one half inches (about 4 cm) and are spaced half an inch apart (9 mm).


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