Ashanti Inspired Wood Hair Comb

We have longtime customer Ada to thank for this comb. She emailed an image she had found in a magazine of an antique Ashanti hair comb with two snakes carved in high relief on its handle and wanted toAshanticomboriginalthumb know if I could make one like it for her.

I told her I would be happy to make a comb in the same style as the one in her photo and suggested that it be made from cocobolo, which many think the most beautiful of all hardwoods. She approved the wood choice, and when it was finished I sent her a photo of her new Ashanti Wood Comb for her approval. Her reaction was AshantiCombCommission1extremely positive so I shipped the comb to her the next day.

After her endorsement I knew that I had to offer the Ashanti Wood Comb to all of my Artistree Wood Comb customers. I made two from the same lovely cocobolo as Ada's comb and offered them for sale. They were snapped up almost immediately, but I'll be happy to make one for you. I'll even add relief-carved snakes if you like, or any other totemic animal for an additional charge, just let me know what you would like before you order and I'll get back to you right away.

The Ashanti Wood Comb measures six inches by two inches.

Ashanti Wood Comb CASH2

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