Wooden Ponytail Barrette

These handcrafted wooden barrettes are perfect for ponytails. They are shaped like a C, about an inch and a half across (35 mm) and three fourths of an inch (18 mm) wide. They are mounted genuine French barrette clips. Each ponytail barrette is handmade when ordered, or, when available, you can buy one of a kind ponytail barrettes already made and ready to ship. These are one of a kind creations. Widths vary. Some shapes may be irregular, suggested by natural patterns in the wood. Any already made barrettes will be shipped within three days of your purchase. Made to order barrettes will be shipped when completed, usually within two weeks depending on workload.

Ponytail Barrettes Already Made

Cocobolo - Sold


Tulipwood - Sold


Zebrawood - Sold


Morado - Sold


Ponytail Barrettes Made to Order

Select the wood for your Ponytail Barrette:

Apple $29

Bloodwood $34

Bocote $34

Bubinga $34

Cherry $29

Cocobolo $34

Honduran Rosewood $34

Italian Prune $29

King $34

Madrone $29

Maple Burl $34

Morado $34

Pacific Yew $29

Pink Ivory $34

Tulip $34

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