Three Layer Wooden Ring Care and Limited Warranty

Artistree Wood Rings should be thought of as small wood sculptures. Your wooden ring is a piece of wearable art and must be treated with care. Just as you would not toss a hand painted silk shirt or dress into your washing machine, or place a drink on a hand crafted table without a coaster to protect it, you should not wear your ring in the shower or while washing your hands. Should your ring become wet, always dry it promptly to avoid damage.

Your wood ring is built in three layers, each one laid down across the grain of the preceding layer, thereby increasing the ring's durability. After the ring is sanded smooth, it is polished with the finest steel wool and finished with a blend of beeswax and natural oils. Using a beeswax and oil based product like can restore your ring's luster and help protect it from accidental water damage.

If you are not satisfied with your ring, you may return it within seven days for a replacement ring of the same size. Should your Three Layer Wood Ring break due to a structural flaw within two months of receipt, please return it for replacement. Subsequently, if the ring should break for any reason, I will replace it for fifty percent of its purchase price. This warranty applies to the original purchaser. The first ring must be returned before a replacement can be made. Pyrographic inscriptions are not included under the one-year structural warranty and must be re-ordered using the form provided.

Be certain to order the correct size, as wooden rings cannot be resized. Wooden ring warranties do not apply to rings returned because the wrong size was ordered. For instructions on sizing your ring finger and for terms for returning a ring ordered in the wrong size .