Sizing Your ring

Be certain that you have chosen the correct ring size for the finger that will wear the ring before ordering. Always measure when the hand is warm, because fingers contract in cold weather and expand when they are warm. There are three common systems of measuring fingers for the fitting of rings: American, British, and European. Have your finger measured by a jeweler using one of these systems. Ask the jeweler to use wide sizing rings. Once you have determined the correct size of the ring finger, choose it from the drop-down menu on the page of the ring you wish to order.

All of my rings are made to the exact size you choose. Wooden rings cannot be resized. If you choose the wrong size, the original ring must be returned in pristine condition within seven days. The allowance for the returned ring will be fifty percent of the original price toward the purchase of a replacement ring.

Note: Wood Rings purchased in the wrong size with wood-burned inscriptions may not be returned.