My wooden accessories are created from a selection of the world's most beautiful hardwoods. My Branch Wood Accessories are carved from the limbs of Pacific Northwest hardwood trees and reflect all of the unique characteristics of the limbs from which they are crafted. Although they will include many atributes considered desirable in the wood of finely crafted wood objects these will also include features that would usually prompt rejection and relegation to the scrap pile. Inclusions of sapwood, knots, wood beetle borings, worm tracks, and even the bark of the tree limb are artfully integrated into the finished works, setting these functional wood sculptures apart from run of the mill woodwork. If you are trying to find the perfect gift for someone who loves finely crafted wooden objects, I hope you will consider the purchase of one of my functional wood sculptures.

Italian Prune Wood Shoehorn Branch Wood Shoehorns Branch Wood Shoehorns
Maple Branch Back Scratcher
Alder Wood Ring Holder
Branch Wood Ring Holder
Italian Prune Wood Ring Holder
Mountain Mahogany Wood Ring Box
Stump Wooden Boxes
Branch Wood Card Holder
Italian prune branch card holder
Branch Wood Stamp Holder
Branch Wood Stamp Box
Mountain Mahogany Wood Ring Box Mountain Mahogany Wood Ring Box BSBCHthumb2 Mountain Mahogany Wood Ring Box

Wooden Home Accessories

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