Wooden Hair Accessories

Serpentine Hair Sticks

Purpleheart Triangle Pair



Small Barrette

cocobolo wood barrette pair

Small Barrette Pair


Ponytail Barrette


Medium Barrette

maple burl wood barrette

Large Barrette

Hair Forks

Tulip Wood Hair Fork
satin wood serpentine hairpin
slender three tined hairpin
Wood Hair Fork
olive wood four tined wood comb
pernambuco curved wood hairpin3-prong curved hair fork

French Roll Comb

pink ivory wood french roll combpink ivory wood french roll comb

Dale personally crafts each of his wood hair accessories from the finest naturally colored hardwood and brilliant pressure-dyed DYMONDWOOD. Every piece is finished by hand - sanded until the wood is silky smooth, then hand finished to accentuate the wood's natural beauty. You can think of Dale's wood hair ornaments as wearable wood art or wood hair jewelry.

Many of Dale's one of a kind wooden hair accessories are carved from small branches gathered in the Northwestern United States, many from trees growing in the woods surrounding his Pacific Northwest island home. Others he creates from the world's most beautiful wood species, harvested, whenever possible, from sustainable yield wood plantations.

Use Artistree barrettes, hair forks, hair sticks, and combs in creating a variety of your favorite hair styles, including French twists, chignons, buns, and knots. Follow the links to buy any of these unique wood hair accessories. If you don't see exactly what you want, or if you have an idea for a new wooden hair accessory, Dale loves filling special requests so don't hesitate to email Dale with your thoughts.

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