Handcrafted Branch Wood Rice Server

You may order my wood rice servers in two sizes: eight or ten inches long. The exact size and shape of each paddle will vary, but generally, the blade will be about three inches across. Because each one is carved from a different piece of a living wood branch, no two of my wooden rice servers can be exactly the same. Although they are intended to be used to serve in the kitchen or at the dining table, with their beautiful grains, pleasing curves, and smooth, soft texture, they may also serve as objects of art. Whether you purchase a rice paddle that is already made, or have one made especially for you, it is guaranteed there will never be another like it.

This cherry branch wood rice paddle is already made and ready to purchase.


This special right-handed mountain mahogany branch wood rice paddle is already made and ready to purchase.


Order a Rice Server Carved From A Hardwood Branch

When you order, I will carve your rice paddle from a branch of apple, cherry, or Italian prune harvested from trees grown in Washington state, USA.

Seven Inch Rice Paddle $29
Nine Inch Rice Paddle $34

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