Wooden Shawl Buckle

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I carve Wooden Shawl Buckles using some of the world's most beautiful hardwoods, many of them from sustainably plantation grown Most of the rest come from wood I've collected in my travels around the western U.S., some from my own woodlot on Maury Island in Puget Sount, Washington, USA. A Wooden Shawl Buckle will hold shawls securely in a variety of knits, but work best in shawls knitted with medium to heavy weight yarns. I think you will one of my shawl buckles to be a great addition to your collection of wooden accessories.

The examples shown have been sold, but you may order one That will be similar to these. When you order, I will carve your shawl buckle from the wood of your choice. When it is finished I will take photograph and email it to you for your approval before it is shipped. Completion date of items made to order will vary according my work schedule but it is usually about two weeks from the date of order.

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Honduran Rosewood




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