Branch Wood Scoop


My wooden scoops are hand carved from the branches of hardwood trees harvested at my home on a small island in Pudget Sound. Each scoop is unique, carved to follow the shape and grain of the branch, whether straight or gently curved. In addition to its shape and wood grain, my wooden scoops retain many of their original features: knots, wormholes, bark, and all.

Although some may wish to display them as objects of art, these handcrafted wooden scoops are perfect for flour, sugar, beans, or rice. A six-inch scoop will hold about one third of a cup.

Each scoop is hand-rubbed with a food safe hard finish. They are intended for use with dry ingredients, however, and should not require washing. If you feel it necessary to do so, I do not recommend washing your scoop in hot water or with detergents, as this may damage the finish. Use warm water and wipe dry.


More Examples of Branch Wood Scoops:

Willow Wood Scoop Willow Wood Scoop Willow Wood Scoop Willow Wood Scoop Italian Prune Wood Scoop KSCItPru4 Italian Prune Wood Scoop KSCItPru2
Order a Branch Wood Scoop in Four Sizes:
4-inch $40
5-inch $45
6-inch $50
7-inch $55

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