Slender Wooden Shawl Pin


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These handcrafted wooden shawl pins are slender enough for medium to fine knits. Created from the most beautiful and durable plantation and orchard grown hardwoods, The Serpentine Shawl Pins are about four and one half inches (11.5 cm) long and one half inch (1.2 cm) wide.

The shawl pins pictured are sold, but Slender Wooden Hairpins make great shawl pins too! These are already made and ready to ship.

Order a Slender Wooden Shawl Pin

Choose the wood for your shawl pin:

Apple $29

Asian Striped Ebony $29

Bloodwood $29

Bocote $29

Bubinga $29

Cocobolo $29

Granadillo $29


Honduran Rosewood $29

Italian Prune $29

Kiawe $29

King $29

Quilted Maple $29

Lignum Vitae $29

Morado $29

Mountain Mahogany $29

Olive $29

Pacific Yew $29

Pernambuco $29

Pink Ivory $29

Purpleheart $29

Satinwood $29

Tulip $29

Zebra $29

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